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10% Pekerja Terancam PHK pada 2009

November 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Membaca artikel, diperkirakan terdapat 10% pekerja yang akan dirumahkan tahun 2009. Hmmmm, sounds scary, huh?? Saya termasuk yang mana ya?

Bagi pekerja, beruntunglah dia apabila tahun 2009 termasuk golongan 90% pekerja yang dipertahankan. Kondisi ini dapat dipahami, mengingat proyeksi pertumbuhan ekonomi menurut BI saja 5%, turun dari angka 6% yang terjadi saat ini.

Apabila kita benchmark ke negeri Amerika sekalipun, survey menunjukkan bahwa this is a “bad time” to find a quality job. Bersiaplah menghadapi labour market yang ketat tahun depan.  Maka, bersiaplah menghadapi labour market yang ketat 2009.


Has my Indonesia really sunk this low?

October 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Nice article published by The Jakarta Post concerning about recent facts in Indonesia’s Development. The author presented some analysis that finally conclude about the need for us to wake up and facing realities that many homeworks remain toward a better Indonesia.

The article pointed two incidences which is tragically happened around us and reported in the same time by local news:

– a group of trash collectors who frequent Jakarta’s garbage dumps, fish through hotel leftovers to select the still-edible pieces, then sell them to some profiteering devils

– 21 people died in East Java in a stampede while trying to collect Rp 30,000 in alms.

The article is stunning. I recommend you o read full article to bring us to realities that Jakarta’s gleaming lights give a misleading portrait of Indonesia as a whole.

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